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Xiangtan Changsheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Add: 1#Shaoshan East Road, Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Zip code: 411100
Mr. Yu, Mr. Li, Mr. Wang, Mr. Zhang
Tel: +86-731-55543404
Fax: +86-731-53584601
E-mail: sales@xtcschem.com
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Xiangtan Changsheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized researcher, manufacturer and trader of pharmaceutical intermediate, pesticide intermediate. We now have more than 100 employees, 18 of them are senior technicians, and all of them are professional workers who have been researching and developing pharmaceutical intermediate & pesticide intermediate for years.

Our company is  Located in the joint place of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan city. Its west is Shanghai –Kunming freeway and its north is West Xiangtan expressway, along XiangjiangRiver. With good location, the transportation is very convenient.

Now, we are mainly produce key intermediates of advanced modern pesticides and drugs, as following:

  1. Trifloxystrobin and its intermediates:
    3'-(Trifluoromethyl)acetophenone oxime ;
    (E)-methyl-2-(2-brommethylphenyl)-2-mehoxyiminoacetate( Brominated oxime ether);
    (E)-methyl2-(methoxyimino)-2-o-tolylacetate(Oxime ether);

  2. Kresoxim-methyl and its intermediates :
    Phthalide (o-Hydroxymethylbenzoic acid lactone);
    Methyl 2-(2-methylphenoxymethyl)phenylglyoxylate

  3. Thiamethoxam and its intermediates:
    2-chloro-5-chloromethyl thiazole;

With the leading high-tech, competitive price, good service and technical supporting system, standard packing (we can also offer other packages to customers with special requirements) and convenient logistic system, Changsheng looks forward to cooperating with you!

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